Three More Kansas Cities And Some Of Their Top Restaurants

Are you ready to visit three more great cities in Kansas and some of their top restaurants? In the last article, we went to Overland Park, Topeka and Wichita, Kansas. In this article, we’re going to visit Lawrence, Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas. Did you know that Manhattan was located in Kansas? All joking aside, let’s get to looking at some of the best restaurants in these three Kansas cities.

How many restaurants do you think are in Kansas city? Surprisingly, there are only 258 restaurants. That’s still a lot, though, and you need to know where to eat at if you’re going to be in the city. One of the top restaurants there is Q 39 on West 39th Street. This is your burgers and barbecue joint. Beer kitchen looks like another nice place, and it is located on Westport Road. Ironically, this is another place to get burgers and barbecue. Your third stop in Kansas city, however, is Bristol Seafood Grill on East 14th Street.

Now it’s time to switch cities, so we’re going to head on over to Lawrence, Kansas. Free State Brewing Company is one of the top establishments there, and it is located on Massachusetts Street. Fish and chips, onion rings and quesadillas await you. Also on Massachusetts street is the Burger Stand. There you will get burgers, corn dogs, truffle fries and all kinds of good food. One more restaurant we need to look at in Lawrence, Kansas is Limestone. And guess what street it’s on. It is located on none other than Massachusetts Street, and it is a place for pizza, salad, calamari and more.

Now it’s finally time to visit Manhattan, Kansas. Is the city anything like Manhattan in New York? There are only 187 restaurants in Manhattan, Kansas. However you’re going to find some good eats. The Chef Cafe is one of the top establishments there, and it is located on South 4th Street. Harry’s restaurant is another top establishment there, and it is located on Poyntz Avenue. Then you have the Little Apple Brewing Company, which looks like a really cool place indeed.

The Little Apple Brewing Company is located at Westloop Place. With all of these great restaurants to choose from, which is going to get your first visit? If I had to choose, I think I would go with the last one in Manhattan, the Little Apple Brewing Company. It just sounds like a unique place to grab a meal.