The Ultimate Camping Experience In Kansas

Kansas has lots of nature to share. The abundance is clear with clear skies that go on for as far as the eyes can see. It’s a priceless view, and it can be yours nearly for free, if you go camp under the stars in Kansas. It’s breathtaking, and sure to give rise to some of the most spectacular prairie sunrises, and most magnificent sunsets you have ever seen.

The stars come out so bright, that they appear as if you can reach out and touch them. They are that big, plentiful and rich in the deep dark sky that sets the backdrop to the nighttime light show. It’s like nothing else the eyes have ever seen.

Beyond that, camping in Kansas, is plentiful as there is much wide expanse of land available just for the outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you are a local setting out to explore as many of the different campgrounds of your home state, or a tourist who plans on spending as many nights as you can over a two-week time span camping here, it’s sure to be life changing and memorable.

The 4M Heritage Center
The 4M Heritage Center is focused on creating and keeping strong families, centered around the Christian foundation found in God. It is open all year, providing opportunities to build family and children up to be strong individuals with good Christian character. It’s a great place to set up plans for the big family reunion, for youth groups and even for adult or youth group retreats.

There’s plenty to do in addition to communing with God among His great creations. You may like to check out the fishing, make a fire in the fire pits, and even hiking along the many trails together. Even get in on the Greater Prairie Chicken watch. Set out for wagon rides and enjoy practicing your shooting with skeet shooting. There are RV hook-ups here as well.

Acorns Resort
Acorns provides RV hookups, tent camping, and renovated and newer cabin lodging along the Farnum Creek. Definitely go in for the pontoon boat, boating and kayaking, or fishing. All the adventures you can take in are all set among some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Kansas and in the United States.

Kansas itself is known for its amazing open skies. It’s full of stars at night, and known to show off a spectacular sunrise and sunset too.