Denver Is a Best City

Denver is a best city to live according to a report of U.S. News & World Report. dencer apartment are basically made of beautiful design and completely furnished that families are attracted towards them.Denver is ranked as the fourth most walkable downtown in US according to the Brookings Institution. In the following paragraph, you can see the most famous places of Denver which people keen to visit. Some of them are described as follows. Larimer Square: If you want all the shopping and fun areas at one place, Larimer Square is the best choice for it. You can find an urban shopping mart and also dining district here and this place has best restaurants, comedy clubs, cafes, dance clubs etc. Mostly this place has a specialty of chef-driven food places and famous boutiques. 360 days of the year, there is a rush atmosphere around this square that is why this place is Denver’s top attraction. The Children’s Museum of Denver: There is a Children’s Museum located in downtown Denver constructed in nine-acre campus that is made of early childhood education. It is basically made for children starting from age eight and to deliver the educational programs for them to make their skills in Science, Technology, Math and Arts. Theme & Water Park:               Denver also has a theme park which is now a days also an attractive place for the families to enjoy their weekend. This theme park contains two parks inside: one is Elitch Garden Theme park and other is Water Park, also it contains looping roller coasters and thrill rides. Water park side contains wild water park with water slides. Confluence Park: This park was founded at 1858 and it is an important history location where Denver was founded. This river park is basically heart of Denver’s 85 mile bike trail network and got a lot of beautiful & attractive places. If you want to see the sharks, you can ride to river trolley and this place has beautiful plays capes for children. Pedestrian Mall – 16th Street Mall: 16th Street Mall is also counted in one of the Denver’s best visiting places. This Mall contains 28 outdoor cafes which is a big number of cafes like food streets. This one is a pink & gray granite pathway and designed by architect Pei. If you look closely, this pathway looks like a diamond back rattle snake pattern and the best way to visit this place is to ride a bus which is free to travel and stop the corner which you want. The Giant Blue Bear: Outside the Colorado Conventions Center, you can see a Blue Bear which is a giant bear and it looks like that blue bear is watching inside the Colorado Center. People used to come here and take snaps in front of that blue bear, it is 40 feet tall and created by an artist named Lawrance Argent. These are few attractions of the Denver that people used to visit and these places made Denver an excellent city to live.