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Three More Kansas Cities And Some Of Their Top Restaurants

Are you ready to visit three more great cities in Kansas and some of their top restaurants? In the last article, we went to Overland Park, Topeka and Wichita, Kansas. In this article, we’re going to visit Lawrence, Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas. Did you know that Manhattan was located in Kansas? All joking aside, let’s get to looking at some of the best restaurants in these three Kansas cities.

How many restaurants do you think are in Kansas city? Surprisingly, there are only 258 restaurants. That’s still a lot, though, and you need to know where to eat at if you’re going to be in the city. One of the top restaurants there is Q 39 on West 39th Street. This is your burgers and barbecue joint. Beer kitchen looks like another nice place, and it is located on Westport Road...

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